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  • Chef's Blend Granola

    Chef's Blend Granola is a rotating blend with different San Francisco chefs. Each chef selected gives Nana Joes a wish list of ingredients and we collaborate, do a little research and development and the blend is formulated. Brooke Mosley, Pastry Chef of Outerlands in the Sunset District brilliantly mixes sweet with savory for exceptionally unique and flavorful desserts and pastries. Brooke highlighted carrots in this sweet and spicy new blend.

    Certified Gluten-Free Oats Organic ingredients: Organic Puffed Rice, Maple syrup, Organic Roasted Carrots, Organic Toasted Almonds, Other Brothers Olive Oil, Organic Apple Cider vinegar, Organic Dried Carrot ribbons, Jacobsen sea salt, Organic Black Pepper!