There is a Team behind Nana Joes
When we start our business we are usually alone, trying to figure out how exactly this might work. We get our brains moving again learning and configuring how this whole business will play out. We have a beginning, a middle and an end. The perfect story format. As we know what we figure in our heads doesn't always play out the ways in which we plan. Sometimes it is better than ever expected.
We go about our business planning and pushing as hard as we can to reach new goals and to sell what our hearts have developed and made. Some of us fly head first, others make sure every piece is in place before we make the decision to give up the next several years of our lives to live and fulfill our dreams. It is a creation and with every creation comes growth. 
Life gives us a lesson around every bend. We learn quickly how to order products and who to trust but most importantly we build a community in our business and in our worlds. We become shielded by our families and friends and our peers. Groups are formed, friendships and bonds are developed.
Recently, I have found myself so out of touch with what I had the first years of Nana Joes. We are growing. Today as I was filing my paperwork and listening to Cindy, Beatriz, Lisseth, Pete and Janet (Nana Joes amazing team) buzz around the kitchen singing and planning their next moves I had a light bulb moment. I'm not sure how many times I have said these exact words but Nana Joes isn't the first comapny of it kind and we are no pioneers of food manufacturing BUT we are here to change something. We are here to grow communites with like minded people and make a difference to the younger generations. To show them by example that change is possible no matter how small it might be in the grand scale of things. Most of us live in the Bay Area bubble. 
We have that respondsibilty to teach and not give up on our dreams of maunfacturing edibles with whole real foods. When asked by a peer "where are all the subcategories for all our ingredients", I said "what do you mean?" Then it occured to me that what Nana Joes, Three Babes, INNAjam, Sow Juice, Blackjet Bakery, Emmy's, Baia Pasta, Bread Srsly, Lukes Local, Josey Baker Bread, Other Brothers, Kika's Treats, Worthy and so many others all have in common is that we have made so many sacrifices to bring to the world amazing whole food deliciousness without subcategories. Sacrificing our own paychecks to make sure we have product integrity. Most of our ingredients are first touch which means they come directly from the farms.  After its grown, it's handed to you by the person who grew it. Supporting yet another community. 
We collectively might not be pioneers of food manufacturing but we are pioneers of product integrity. Bringing forth for generations to come and paving a road for others to follow. We teach by sharing our stories even our failures and not making it a competition or wasting our time being jealous or judgemental.  We are a team and new comers are always welcome. 
Thank you to all my peers for sharing your growth with us. 
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