Meet Nana Joes citrus provider, Bernard Ranches
Our citrus provider here at Nana Joes Granola is Vince Bernard of Bernard Ranches. He grows some of the best citrus we've found at the Farmers market. We proudly use his orange & lemon juice and zest in our granolas' ingredients. 
Vince and Vicki Bernard of Bernard Ranches are lifelong farmers. They pride themselves on the superior flavor and sweetness of their citrus fruit, which they attribute to the combination of their rich soil and suitable climate. They began farming this land in 1979 and have been bringing their produce to farmers’ markets since 1980. They work their farm together and sell their fruit themselves, “so the customer knows that we are the ones who also grow it.”
If you go to the San Mateo or San Francisco's Ferry Plaza and Castro Farmers Markets, expect to see their seasonal harvests of Avocados · Citron · Grapefruit · Juices · Kumquats · Lemons · Limes · Mandarins · Oranges · Pomelos · Tangelos.
We caught up with Vince to ask him a few questions about his ranch in Riverside, California, here's what we found...
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