Introducing the Little City Gardens Chef's Special granola blend
   This Chef's Special blend is really peaking interest. With its cape gooseberries, kale, hazelnuts and basil its a real farmers blend. Our regulars have been pleasantly surprised by the overall balance of the kale and cape gooseberries paired with the sweetness of the basil.
   Caitlyn who runs Little City Garden's in San Francisco's Mission Terrace neighborhood created this special granola blend with Michelle of Nana Joes Granola. Not only that, but Caitlyn painted the Nana Joes logo for our new packaging. So we were very pleased to have her as one of the featured Chef's to design a special blend for all of the Nana Joes granola fans. 
    If you would like to try the Little City Garden's blend, come on down to BiRtie Market on 18th Street, BiRite Market on Divisidero Street, Ferry Plaza Farmers Market Saturdays, San Mateo Farmers Market Saturdays and Temescal Farmers Market in Oakland on Sundays.
We will see you soon,
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